TJ September 2017 The Elephant in the RoomPaul Matthews examines the learning transfer mindset in his article for Training Journal’s September 2017 edition

So what is learning transfer? Like many terms, the phrase seems to mean different things to different people. In organisational learning, it usually refers to the operationalisation of ‘learning’ that has happened in a prior formal event such as a training course, or an e-learning course. Every definition talks about the application of learning, so the term ‘learning transfer’ means much more than just transfer, or movement, of learning from one place to another. It also means the translation of that learning into effective action that improves job performance.

Learning transfer is a process that takes place to a lesser or greater degree following a formal learning intervention, and the degree to which it occurs has a direct impact on the value the organisation will harvest from its investment in those interventions. In this article, the focus will be on training as the formal learning intervention, but the same ideas and processes could be applied to e-learning, action learning sets, coaching interventions and anything else you might consider as ‘formal like any other business process, it is part of a larger system, part of a longer chain, and should always be considered within the larger system context.

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