I was in a class at the gym and the instructor was urging us to use slightly heavier weights than we would normally.

He said “There is no change without challenge”. (JJ the gym instructor)

That got me thinking. And you… What does it mean to you when you roll that statement around in your mind?

This philosophy doesn’t extend to all areas of life, but it does apply well beyond the gym.

The problem is that challenge usually brings with it some form of discomfort, and we naturally shy away from discomfort. The discomfort of the pain of exercising at your limits, the discomfort of going a bit hungry on a diet, the discomfort of withdrawal from something we have grown used to but want to stop. Or the discomfort of a difficult conversation with a team member, the discomfort of saying you don’t know in front of peers, the discomfort of trying and failing.

All too often we give up on our goal when the discomfort kicks in.

What discomfort do you need to get tough on and work through in order to get the change you want?

Getting tough requires commitment. Click here for more on commitment.

My best wishes, Paul

Paul Matthews – Speaker/author/Consultant on Informal Learning, Management and Leadership.