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The first steps to culture change – article by Paul Matthews published in the April edition of Better Business Focus

When asked for directions, a wise man once said, ‘If I were you, I wouldn’t start from here.’ And it’s the same with culture change. The temptation is to rush in to change, to stand up in front of the assembled masses and, with a note of exaltation in your voice, proclaim that from now on it’s all going to change, all going to be different.

The trouble is that it won’t be different, and starting with an announcement is the one sure fire way of ensuring that not only will nothing change; things will actually get worse as employees sit back, fold their arms and prepare to be let down. The need for change may have been driven by a perceived problem or by external influences, but either way, unless you know what drives the culture at the start, you haven’t a hope of changing it. So step one in the process is to undertake a cultural audit.

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