Bizezia logoThe first step to innovation is… turn off autopilot mode in your brain.

Most people go through life with their brains on autopilot, unaware of interesting and different things that are going on around them all the time. When you do not see what’s going on around you, you don’t have the ideas and raw material input that is the essential first step for innovation.

So switch off autopilot mode, and pay attention!

To what?

Look for things that you wouldn’t normally notice because they work so well. It might be a system or process you are subjected to, or a product you use, or service you receive. We notice when things don’t work well, and we get frustrated.

We may feel like complaining, or returning something for a refund. So noticing what works is the opposite of noticing what frustrates you. In fact, sometimes
your surprise at the lack of frustration when you do something is a great indicator of something working very well. You just bought something from a website and it was simple and easy.


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