honey bee“Time is what we want most, but what we use worst” – William Penn

We all know about the tension between Urgent and Important tasks, and yet we seem to need a reminder now and again to help us refocus when we are just ‘too busy’.

Are you ‘too busy’?

“It’s not so much how busy you are, but why you are busy. The bee is praised. The mosquito is swatted.” – Mary O’Connor

Take a minute or two to focus on what is important, and why it is important.

Now rearrange your day and diary to shift the focus of your activities.

Then set the expectations of those who may be demanding that you do urgent activities that seem to be more mosquito than bee.

Here are few more tips to help you fight the tyranny of the urgent.

My best wishes, Paul

By Paul Matthews – Speaker/Author/Expert on Informal Learning and Workforce Capability
Author of bestsellers “Capability at Work: How to Solve the Performance Puzzle
and “Informal Learning at Work: How to Boost Performance in Tough Times
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