You are a leader if you have followers, even if only briefly and occasionaly.

So why would someone follow you?

> They think you know where you are going
> They think that where you are going is better than where they are
> They think you know how to get there
> They trust you not to lead them astray
> They fear the consequences of not following

Think about people around you who you would like to do something specific such as do a project task, stay late to do a report, buy something from you, stop teasing their little brother or eat their vegatables.

How can you lead them considering the bullet points above?

Note that an effective leader has followers who do so willingly and even with enthusiasm. Your leadership will founder if it is based on fear and compliance.

Notice also that your being a leader is entirely dependent on how people react to you, or think about you.

It is their perception that makes you a leader.

Excellence in Leadership

My best wishes, Paul