Consider your own situation …

Managers maintain things and leaders change things. Is this true?

Management is about ‘what’ and ‘how’. Leadership is about ‘why’. Is this true?

Management is about the issues of the day, and leadership is about the issues of the future. Is this true?

Management is reactive and leadership is proactive. Is this true?

Managers are responsible for tasks, and leaders are responsible for people. Is this true?

Or you can think of this example… Leadership was what Noah used to get the ark built where there was no sea to sail on. Management was what he used to prevent the elephants seeing what the rabbits were up to on the voyage.

From Joanna Kozubska…
“There are times when a leader needs good, systematic management skills and times when a manager must inspire people. We have to be able to do both.”

So perhaps the whole leadership vs. management thing is a red herring?

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My best wishes, Paul