New managers achieve capability using the Alchemy Learning Pathway

People Alchemy are launching their ground-breaking new SaaS platform that accelerates the time to proficiency for people new into a role at this year’s World of Learning Exhibition. The Alchemy Learning Pathway uses the latest informal learning concepts to ‘manage’ the 70 per cent experiential and 20 per cent social parts of the learning process and promote self-directed learning. The first pathway – 26 Steps to Management – is available off the shelf, but anybody can create a learning journey on the platform for any role.

Getting new managers started is a process; it takes time as they absorb experience and knowledge from their activities. So how about exposing a new manager to those essential scenarios in a more structured and purposeful way? People Alchemy have created a structured experiential pathway for a new manager to optimise the time to proficiency. Couple this with a mentoring component and you have a powerful tool.

People will learn most of what they learn about being a manager through informal learning. When you use a structured experiential pathway you are accelerating that process. In effect, you are exercising some control over the content and rate of the 70 per cent and 20 per cent of the 70:20:10 model. And of course, you can throw in some ten per cent formal training as well.

The above process is a simple and effective way to bring a new manager, or indeed anybody new in a role. up to proficiency in a reduced time.

Paul Matthews, Managing Director of People Alchemy, says ‘We have been describing our new pathway product and how to get new managers to proficiency in 26 weeks to senior L&D people in big companies, and the universal response has been that what we are creating is new, and very interesting. Several have said that it will dovetail very nicely with existing initiatives and are looking forward to the launch’.