WOL 2011

People Alchemy joined leading L&D suppliers at September’s World of Learning Conference & Exhibition, where it launched its latest addition to Alchemy for Mangers, a web version for smart phones and tablets.

The premise is simple – every manager needs extensive amounts of information and skill to do their job. And no manager can ever know it all. Alchemy provides practical, down to earth information and actual methods that every manager can access right on the job, right when they need it. One user called it ‘roll-up-your-sleeves’ information that gets the job done. That’s why Alchemy realistically makes the difference between average and excellent. With its brand new web version it really is available in any situation now.

Paul says, “Learning technology is developing ever faster, people rely on being able to access reference material everywhere, whether they find time to read up on a topic on a train journey or while they are waiting for a meeting to start. Alchemy for Managers mobile web version caters for just that need, online or offline”.

The mobile version was on show and available to try at stand F130. For a sneak preview, email [email protected]

Joined by Fiona Jones from Coventry Building Society, Paul held a seminar entitled Harnessing the power of informal learning without stifling it.

Informal learning is the primary engine of learning in the workplace, and one of the primary fuels for informal learning is information. Some practical pointers on how to leverage informal learning were given, as well as how to use information within your “Learnscape” to support tangible improvements in performance.

Coventry Building Society is using a combination of training and intranet information from Alchemy for Managers to generate direct and measurable employee interest in their own learning.

Fiona says, “We started with a bookshelf and now we have an easily accessible and really useful learning portal”.

The seminar takes place on Wednesday 28th September at 3:00pm.