You may have heard of NLP which is an acronym for the rather cumbersome “Neuro-Linguistic Programming”. NLP at its core focuses on how people who do things very well, actually do them. From this study of excellence, some ideas have grown within NLP circles of what constitutes a more useful way to think to get better results in life.

An example would be the understanding that “the map is not the territory”. What does that mean?

As we go through life, we create in our heads a model of how we think the world works, and we use this model to navigate through life. We use it like a map to navigate through our reality. The map we use is not the actual reality, any more than the map in your car is the real countryside. It is simply an incomplete representation, which includes inaccuracies and errors, just as your roadmap can get out of date and not show absolutely everything that is there.

Each of us acts according to our personal map of reality, not reality itself. We operate and communicate from our maps. Most human problems are caused by the maps in our heads. Think about this; it is easier to change the map than the territory.

Have a look at the link below and see which ideas and beliefs you already use daily, which ones would never work for you, and which ones might be worth adopting to see if they would work for you.

Alchemy – a more useful way to think

My best wishes, Paul