View the world through different eyesThis is the last tip of the year, so Happy Christmas and have a great 2019!

Somehow the turning of a calendar page prompts us to look back and to look forward.

I was thinking about this and then saw this quote from Simon Sinek…

“It’s dangerous to perceive the world through only one set of eyes. The problem is, we can only perceive the world through one set of eyes.”

It got me thinking about setting New Year resolutions. How about trying this approach…

Ask friends what they think you should set as a New Year resolution, and why. Ask them to be honest and be prepared to hear unwanted truths.

If that sounds scary (it scares me) perhaps that will give the resolutions a useful ‘edge’.

Your next question to your friend would then be ‘If you were in my shoes, how would you go about achieving it? What would be your first step?’

Then it’s not so scary. They may even offer to help 🙂

My best wishes, Paul

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