The clocks have changed here in the UK, the leaves are turning orange and falling. Winter is coming.

Trees shed their leaves to withstand the winter weather, and then regrow anew in the spring.

Perhaps there is a lesson here for us, even though we don’t have leaves.

What do you need to shed to deal with external changes so you can make it through the tough times, and then regrow bigger and brighter than before?

What can you delete from your to-do list?

What goal should be delayed because it is causing too much stress?

What can you stop doing to free up time for you and your family?

What job can you finish now so it is no longer nagging at you?

What else can you let go of to make life smoother?

What can you do to be more resilient?

Here are some tips and exercises on dealing with stressors in your life.

My best wishes, Paul

By Paul Matthews – Speaker/Author/Consultant on Informal Learning, Management and Leadership.