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November 25, 2019

Oxygen for managers

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In 2008, Google did an internal study on what behaviours make a great manager. They identified eight. Last year they updated and extended this study, called Project Oxygen, and added two more behaviours. Here is the updated list... Is a good coach Empowers team and does not micromanage Creates an inclusive team environment, showing

November 18, 2019

Change? Sure, but what’s stopping you?

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You're a manager and you want change. What next? Ask, "Do I want people to do different things or do things differently?" In other words, do I want people to change WHAT they do, or HOW they do what they already do? Now, hallucinate the future when the change is done. What would you

November 10, 2019

Chasing the myth of work/life balance

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Last time I looked, work was a part of life, so maybe we should be talking about work vs non-work balance? Whatever we call this balance, why do we want it? And why do we blame work when our lives feel out of balance? For many people, work seems to detract from the balance

November 4, 2019

Chasing the myth of authenticity

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Authenticity is a quality we attribute to people. It is an observed quality. Without an observer, it does not really exist. Think about it; how can you ever not be you? How can you ever not be real or true to who you are in the moment? We are who we are in the