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October 27, 2019

Which way? Or is it both ways?

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Some say that how you think affects how you feel, which affects how you act, which affects the results you get from your actions. They conclude that how you think is the place to start when seeking specific results. This is the 'visualise it first' approach. Others say that the results you seek should

October 21, 2019

Do it perfectly – first time

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We learn as we go, especially when doing something new. Yet how many times do we stop, hesitate, procrastinate because we are worried that something we want to do might turn out poorly, or even fail? "Nothing would be done at all, if a man waited till he could do it so well, that

October 13, 2019

The lesson in a bowl of muddy water

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We tend to make things more complex the longer we think about them. Is that complexity useful? We tend to create well-worn paths as we go round and round when we think longer about something. Are those paths useful? Sometimes we compound this by thinking that things won't turn out well. In other words,

October 6, 2019

Experience vs expertise

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When you want to hire someone, collaborate with someone, do business with someone, do you prefer them to have experience or expertise? Which do you think is more important? Experience is a matter of showing up and putting in the time. Does experience necessarily = expertise? When you ask for experience, are you using