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May 19, 2019

Another use for passion

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Most of us could be far better listeners than we are... me included :-) We speak with passion and want to be heard. Do we listen with passion when others want to be heard? When was the last time you listened with passion? Now that you have thought of a time, what were you

May 12, 2019

Are you busy, or just have a lot to do?

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I hear it all the time... "I'm so busy!" But busy is a state of mind. It is the frantic and sometimes jumbled thoughts whirling in our head about all the things on our list that we think we must do. That mess of thoughts causes stress, and paradoxically, detracts from our ability to

May 1, 2019

Article: Is learning the right focus for Learning & Development people?

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In the May Better Business Focus, Paul Matthews asks if learning is the right focus for Learning & Development people... The goal of the learning and development person is to help people learn. That makes sense doesn’t it? After all that is their job title. But what does the organisation really need? Organisations need