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April 28, 2019

The solution to our problems lies elsewhere

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Einstein is reputed to have said, "No problem can be solved by the same kind of thinking that created it." That's a bit disheartening. Does that mean we can't solve our problems? We think, and enjoy the fruits of our thinking, but if that fruit is a problem, what then? Einstein tells us that

April 15, 2019

Online Performance Support for Learning at Work Week 2019

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Alchemy Assistant performance support toolkit for your managers and all employees during Learning at Work Week 2019. Have you signed up for the biggest celebration of learning at work? The Campaign for Learning's Learning at Work Week takes place from 13th – 19th May this year. It inspires building a culture of learning in

April 14, 2019

This fascinated me

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Whatever we do, we do within the wider context of our community, our country and the amazing planet we live on. This is not so much a tip this week as an acknowledgement of this larger context. I stumbled across this site on world population and sat and watched it, the implications racing through

April 7, 2019

The ingredients of conflict

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I was thinking about conflict, mediation, discussion, compromise, agreements and....... This got me thinking about values and beliefs. Our values move us in the direction of what we want for ourselves, our family, our organisation, and even our country and the world. Our values tell us what is important. Our beliefs inform us of