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March 31, 2019

The princess and the farmer

Once upon a time, a beautiful princess lived in a place not too far from here. Her father, the King wanted his only precious daughter to marry. You know how it is with royalty and their lineage :-) But she was willful, as many of us are, and none of the royal suitors and

March 24, 2019

Do you want to change your mind?

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Someone I know promised to buy a house, and then before the sale went through, his life and circumstances changed, and it was no longer right for him. He knew he shouldn't buy, but he did because he had promised. It was painful to watch. He lost a fortune. What would you do? Indeed,

March 17, 2019

Use it or ………. ?

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I read an article recently about someone who is grateful for what anybody else would call 'horrible' and 'devastating'. Their take on life is inspiring. I'm sure you too have heard of people who have expressed their gratitude for accidents, illnesses or circumstances that the rest of us would deem terrible. And I am

March 12, 2019

Article: Pseudo-profound bullshxt exists

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In the March Better Business Focus, Paul Matthews ponders the existence of pseudo-profound bullshit in a work context This research amused me and my apologies to those who may not like the term used by the researchers. According to Artur Nilsson and his colleagues at Lund University in Sweden, pseudo-profound bullshit refers to the

March 10, 2019

I saw this quote from Socrates

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"He who is not contented with what he has, would not be contented with what he would like to have." Socrates, a long time ago. The dictionary defines contented as: 'satisfied with what one is or has; not wanting more or anything else.' Yet we do want things. Does our want come from a

March 4, 2019

What is your reputation?

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Think of something you are going to do. Got it? Now, are you more concerned about the results of your actions, or how you will be seen as the result of your actions? If your intended action is going to the supermarket, you are probably just concerned about the results. You are just being