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September 29, 2018

Something old, something new…

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People often describe good listening as being able to paraphrase back to someone what they have just said. Here is a different test. Were you able to hear something new in what was being said? Next time you hear someone saying 'that same old thing', instead of assuming you know what's coming next and

September 23, 2018

People can be strange

People can be strange. Very strange. But we only think that because they are not like us. I was reminded of this today at the supermarket when the person in front of me at the checkout handled a situation so differently to how I would. It made me smile as it was a nice,

September 16, 2018

What makes us feel like sh*t^?

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This tip may not suit everybody, but it's worth thinking about :-) I read this line in a book a few days ago. It took a bit of processing and the implications are still reverberating through my mind. "We think we have a reality problem, when in reality, we have a thinking problem." It

September 9, 2018

Why wait?

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I was talking with a friend about his plans to get fit, lose weight, run a marathon and lots of other laudable stuff. It sounded good until I asked... "What are you doing today to make a change to achieve your goals?" Nothing. He was all talk and not yet committed. In your working

September 6, 2018

Getting ready for World of Learning 2018

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*** World of Learning Exhibition and Conference on 16 - 17 October 2018 has been an gone. It was a great show for us and the topic of Learning Transfer is certainly heating up in the L&D arena. If you missed it, Jon Kennard did a brief Training Journal podcast with Paul Matthews during

September 2, 2018

Who is up for an adventure?

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Within every adventure, there is the possibility of loss. That's what makes it an adventure. When there is only a possibility for gain - if you can even find such a thing - it is worth doing, but it wouldn't be an adventure. Most people like the idea of an adventure, but often don't