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February 26, 2017

What does the mirror tell you?

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Is there something you want to do or to have? Are you currently the sort of person who can easily do or have that which you want? No? Perhaps that's why it is not yet in your life? So, who is the sort of person who could easily have it? What do they think, what

February 21, 2017

Article: Eight steps to effective delegation by Paul Matthews (Better Business Focus)

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Eight steps to effective delegation – article by Paul Matthews published in the March edition of Better Business Focus Delegation is a process, not a one-off activity, and it needs to be done well to ensure success. The steps of the process are set out below. The amount of your time and the level of formality you apply to each step

February 19, 2017

I don’t do that!

When you want to change what you do, the phrase 'I don't' is your best friend. Imagine you want to get to the gym, but you find that it's not so easy to actually do it. You could say to yourself 'I will go to the gym' Or you could say 'I can't miss my

February 12, 2017

Don’t rain on my parade

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I have been working on an idea the past few weeks, and got to the point where I started talking about it. Some people just 'rained on my parade' and often without really listening or seeking to understand the idea and its potential. Others encouraged me and offered questions and suggestions, some helpful, some not,

February 5, 2017

The manager’s dance

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The manager/leader and follower are in a dance that works best when balanced. The manager must operate on a continuum from micro-managing at one end to abdication at the other. The follower must operate on a continuum from dependence at one end to aloof/free spirit at the other. The way each dances on their continuum