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September 25, 2016

Once upon a time, there was a …

I bet you like stories. What's your favourite story about people in your organisation? What does it tell you about the people; and the organisation? The story does not need to be some grand set piece. It could simply be "Did you hear what Bill did when he got stuck in traffic on the way

September 19, 2016

The quiet one in the corner

Everyone has an opinion, everyone, including the quiet person in the corner. Even if they are not speaking up, they do have an opinion. You want buy-in from everybody? They all need to have their say. You want to really understand something? Get different opinions on it, especially from people not like you. You have

September 11, 2016

What if you get punched in the face?

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Life can be tough sometimes. Mike Tyson once said, "Everyone has a plan until you get punched in the face". What can you rely on when life punches you in the face? What do you know is absolutely true about yourself, or people close to you? What is your purpose, or your mission in life?

September 5, 2016

Your secret performance weapon

Keeping going, and even pulling an overnighter is often seen as macho, or super-human, or a badge of honour. It's not. It just makes you stupid. There are so many cases where human error due to tiredness has caused disastrous consequences. Do you run a sleep deficit, or a sleep surplus? For many people with