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January 31, 2016

Change the task, or die trying to do it?

In all the discussions and consultancy I have done with organisations, never once has a senior person asked me to help them get people to work longer hours. Not once. They do want people to be working effectively and efficiently, but they don't want people to be overworked. So if you feel overworked, this is

January 28, 2016

Article: Good or bad manager (Better Business Focus)

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Good or bad manager - what's the difference? – article by Paul Matthews published in the January edition of Better Business Focus I was chatting recently with someone about what makes a good or bad manager. Here are some things we came up with... Good managers talk about the big picture and are free with information, treating people like adults. Bad managers dole

January 24, 2016

The wisdom that comes from not being you

A man in Gandhi's entourage was forever complaining about this, that, and the other. Finally, Gandhi said to him... "If it is a peaceful and calm life you are seeking, I think it will be easier if you change yourself rather than seeking to change others. Which will you find easier; to protect your feet

January 21, 2016

Early Bird or Night Owl?

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Some time ago, I spent 4 days trekking through the African Wilderness on the ‘Umfolozi Wilderness Trail’. As we sat around a camp fire on the first night, the ranger asked us to take our watches off and hand them over.ᅠ It seemed an odd thing to do, but he explained that we wouldn’t need them

January 17, 2016

The saviour of New Year resolutions

It is about now that many New Year resolutions are slipping into oblivion, guiltily ignored. Do you have one like that? There is someone who can help you, if you’re interested. If not, delete this email now. Still reading? Then maybe you really are serious about that resolution :-) Take a moment and conjure up

January 11, 2016

Longboarding: from onboarding to proficiency – Seminar at Learning Technologies 2016

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Longboarding – an onboarding programme that results in engaged proficiency and avoids the common mistakes that most organisations make. In Paul Matthews' seminar at Learning Technologies 2016 you can find out how to get new starters to competence and even peak performance in less time using an activity based learning and collaboration onboarding approach (aka 70:20

January 10, 2016

You’re tired. Thanks! (in Japanese)

There is a delightful phrase in Japanese for which we don't have any real equivalent in English, and I wish we did. お疲れ様です (おつかれさまです / otsukaresama desu It is used to recognise when someone is tired, but with the overlay of gratitude for the work they have done that has led to their tiredness. How

January 3, 2016

Bartender of the year, 2016

A New Year has started and I am told we are calling it 2016. For most people, it will end up being much the same as the one we called 2015. Mostly the same people, same things to do, same places to go, same occasional lows and highs. Do you want it to be different