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November 29, 2015

The traveller and the ferryman

A traveller came down from the hills and reached the river. He asked the ferryman, "What are the people like in the town across the river?" The ferryman replied with a question "How did you find the people in the hills?" The traveller replied that he found them distant and unfriendly. To which the ferryman

November 22, 2015

What were your dreams?

Have you forgotten your dreams? We used to want so much, but for many of us, now, we have settled for something far less. We get caught up in the day to day, and our dreams slip away, unnoticed. Remember when you dreamed of being a king or a queen, or a famous movie star,

November 15, 2015

Are they trying to be difficult?

We all know people who are 'difficult' because we just can't convince them that they are wrong. But from their point of view, they are right. No-one plays the villain in their own lives. They are the good guy, and anyone who tries to convince them otherwise is 'mistaken'. If you hold a mirror up

November 10, 2015

Business Beliefs by Paul Z Jackson

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‘Beliefs’ are for things that aren't true. ‘Values' are for what you don’t do. Beliefs and values are abstract concepts that are prized by consultants who have fallen under the spell of psychologists. They in turn entice leaders and HR people to waste millions every year on identifying beliefs and values in their organisations. And

November 9, 2015

Jay Cross – RIP

I am saddened to hear of the passing of Jay Cross, a leading thinker in the Learning & Development world. Of course, he was so much more than that. If you followed his blogs he was interested in so many other things and always seemed willing to experiment and learn. Although I never met him,

November 8, 2015

How to change people

We often try and change people to get them to be what we want. You can't. People change themselves, and they do so mostly in response to the environment around them. The most you can do, is create an environment that encourages them to see the change as something that will benefit them, and the

November 3, 2015

Article: What is in your blind spot? (Better Business Focus)

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What is in your blind spot? - article by Paul Matthews published in November edition of Better Business Focus We all have some aspects of our personality and ways of communicating that we just can’t see – they are in our blind spot. What do you have in your blind spot that is holding you back, or annoying others? The

November 1, 2015

Sometimes, don’t be authentic

"I couldn't possibly do that. It would feel wrong. It would not be 'me'. It would be inauthentic, and we are told we should always be authentic and true to ourselves." Guess what; if you believe that, you have stopped yourself from growing. Any change you want to make will feel inauthentic at first, because