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October 27, 2015

Seminar: Why your strategy should start with behaviour change at eLN Conference 2015

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Behaviour Change at eLN Conference - Beyond 'click next'…digital learning solutions come of age on 11th November 2015 - London We are happy to announce that Paul Matthews, MD, has been invited to speak at a session at the first eLearning Network (eLN) one day conference. The eLN wanted to create an event that has a friendly and informal feel and one that

October 26, 2015

What leaders actually do

We hear so much about leadership, and the need for it if any organisation is to be successful. But what do leaders actually do? Leaders excite people around an idea. People who are excited will take more action, and excitement is infectious. How can you get others around you excited about the idea that underpins

October 18, 2015

Bad habits?

Bad habits? Not yours this time, but your company habits. Organisational culture is really group habits. To change an individual, you look at their habits. To change an organisation, or a team, look at the group habits. Habits are often out of our awareness, we just do them. Take the time this week to become

October 15, 2015

Article: Only you can do these things… (Better Business Focus)

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Only you can do these things… - article by Paul Matthews published in the October edition of Better Business Focus   Take a minute and write down a list of those things that only you, as the manager of your team, can do. Are you sure? We often think we are essential to tasks when, in fact, we

October 11, 2015

Do you wear blinkers? Do you need them?

How is your focus? Can you focus on a goal, and ignore distractions? Or does every distraction pull you off course so you never really complete anything? Do you need metaphorical blinkers? If so, ask yourself, "How will this new idea (aka distraction) support my goal?" Or... Is your focus on a goal and the

October 5, 2015

CIPD Performance Management 2015: Alternative Approaches to Managing Performance

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We are very excited to announce that Paul Matthews, our MD, will be running an all day workshop at this year's CIPD Performance Management Conference on Wednesday 2nd December. The focus will be on how to coach line managers to conduct effective performance management conversations and how you can remove the barriers to performance.

October 4, 2015

Are you sitting too much?

Something a bit different this week for you... There is mounting evidence that the longer you sit each day without a break, the sooner you will die. That's a sobering thought to those of us with desk jobs. How long do you spend sitting in a day, and how often do you stand up? The