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August 23, 2015

What is in your blind spot?

We all have some aspects of our personality and ways of communicating that we just can't see - they are in our blind spot. What do you have in your blind spot that is holding you back, or annoying others? The only way to find out is to ask someone who can see you as

August 16, 2015

When an argument is good for you

Shallow agreement, groupthink and false harmony are not good for a team. When you have an important decision to make, and it's not clear cut, you need everyone passionately arguing for their preferred option. This is because when people earnestly disagree, they present their strongest facts and insights. Of course, be professional. Keep the 'argument'

August 11, 2015

Managing Partner Magazine article: Reflection is at the heart of true continuing professional development (CPD)

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Reflection is at the heart of true of true continuing professional development (CPD) by Paul Matthews The acronym ‘CPD’ rolls easily off the tongue, but too often we forget what it really means. CPD has become, for many, a chore that has to be done, a box that has to be ticked. With the upcoming changes to continuing professional development for solicitors

August 9, 2015

This email auto-response made me smile

What would you do if you received this automatic reply? "Thank you for copying me into your email. For your information, mails that I receive where I am cc'ed are only reviewed once a week on a Friday afternoon and are assumed for information only. If you have cc'ed me into a mail but wish

August 6, 2015

Better Business Focus Magazine article: ‘3 routes to behaviour change, and what won’t work’ by Paul Matthews

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According to BJ Fogg, a professor at Stanford University and expert in behavioural change, there are only three things that will lead to reliable long term behaviour change. Find out the 3 routes to behaviour change, and what won't work in Paul Matthews' article in the Better Business Focus Magazine August 2015 (page 18).

August 2, 2015

Only you can do these things

Take a minute and write down a list of those things that only you, as the manager of your team, can do. Are you sure? We often think we are essential to tasks when, in fact, we are not. What proportion of your time do you spend on the tasks on your list? Are you