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July 26, 2015

The unconscious journey from silk to chain

In a talk to Columbia Business School, Warren Buffet said, "The chains of habit are too light to be felt until they are too heavy to be broken, and we then function in our dysfunction." Apparently, he sets a time at the end of every day to walk, and reflect on the day's activities. He

July 22, 2015

Seminar: Unlocking Hidden Capabilities at CIPD ACE 2015

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At the CIPD Annual Conference industry leaders and organisations across all sectors share ideas and solutions you need to transform your HR strategies. We are very excited that Paul Matthews, MD, joins the panel of speakers for the first time this year. His masterclass on Capability and Performance Management takes place on day 2

July 19, 2015

People do like change. Really?

I am sure you have heard this... 'People are afraid of change' or its little brother 'People don't like change'. Wrong! People are NOT afraid of change. People are afraid of loss. People don't want change when they anticipate loss, or there is enough uncertainty about the change or their ability to cope with it,

July 12, 2015

Are you a slave to a dysfunctional process?

You will have some key common processes that you and your team follow. They may be written down in a manual, or they may just be done the way they have always been done. What do these processes say about your culture? Consider one process you have, and ask these questions... Is it simple or

July 5, 2015

When your back is turned…

Your behaviour as a leader communicates more to the people around you than any of your formal communications. Your behaviour provides the stories that people tell about you. And these stories travel fast! Notice the stories you hear, and perhaps repeat, about your boss and other senior people. What stories do people say about you,

July 5, 2015

Ozlearn – July 2015

Your organisation, or the client you are working for, does not care about learning. There, I’ve said it! But why would an organisation pay for something they don’t care about? While those of you who earn your living getting paid to provide learning services laugh at what is obviously a dumb statement, let’s explore why