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January 24, 2015

Event: The CIPD Learning and Development Show 2015

The People Alchemy team is looking forward to attending The CIPD’s 2015 Learning and Development Show at London’s Olympia. On 13 and 14 May, we will be on Stand 609 and Paul Matthews will be presenting a free seminar at 4pm in the Topic Taster showcase. He will be exploring ‘Ensuring Capability @ the Point

January 18, 2015

Grab a coat hanger and try this!

Get a wire coat hanger or a paper clip. Apply a small external force, a stressor, to the wire and it will bend. While it is subject to the force, the wire, internally, is under strain, but remove the force, and it springs back. You can do this many times and the wire retains its

January 11, 2015

Goal setting myths exposed!

So... how are your New Year resolutions surviving? Many people fail to keep their New Year resolutions, or indeed other goals. Why? They have often been side-tracked by one of the many myths and misunderstandings about goal setting. Many people set goals because they feel they should. When that 'should' word is involved, beware. You

January 4, 2015

How does the story end?

Once upon a time there was a New Year's Eve resolution. It was very excited, it had so much potential to change the world. But there was this nagging doubt. Would it live long enough to succeed? What do you think? How does the story end? What needs to happen so the resolution has a