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August 31, 2014

The midwife announces ‘It’s a manager!’

The midwife comes out with the new baby and announces "It's a manager!" Sounds silly doesn't it. And yet many people when promoted to manage for the first time expect to manage as though they were born to it. Even worse, senior managers often expect people to step into a new management role and be

August 17, 2014

You may have leeches

Leeches feed on that rather vital fluid we have called blood. Another kind of leech feeds on another vital thing we have, our energy. Some people are just tough and tiring to be around. They feel like hard work. They will never be happy with us, or with their life, and what's more, their sour

August 10, 2014

Micro what?

We have microprocessors, microwaves, microphones, microfiche (if you remember them), microlights, and microorganisms. Unfortunately, we also have micromanagers. Micromanagers lose employees. If the employee is a competent, passionate person, they more than likely know how to do their job and do it well. They don't want someone telling them what to do, how to do

August 3, 2014

Would you help a friend?

Would a friend help you? A good way to get someone to care about you and your work is to imagine that they are a good friend. How would you feel about asking a good friend to work late to do an analysis that you need for your project? How would you ask? How would