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May 24, 2014

Prioritising work over availability

Managing your time is largely about how you organise your work, and that will affect other people. Our biggest trap is getting caught up on a treadmill of service to others. If you are overly focused on pleasing others, you are probably sacrificing productivity. Your greatest asset to your organisation is not your availability, it's

May 18, 2014

4 key questions for any manager who cares

Whatever you and your team are doing, there are four questions you need to be asking about the things you are doing... 1. Are we doing the right thing? 2. Is there a better way to do it? 3. Are we getting good results? 4. Are these results providing enough value? So pick something on

May 11, 2014

What is really important? Do you know?

If you look at the list of things your team is working on, they are all important in some way to someone, somehow. They all add value, so debating which ones are important is futile. Strategic thinkers decide where to focus rather than just doing what is important. They consciously put aside 'important' projects or