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August 20, 2013

TJ Feature article: Getting a new manager started

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New managers are often left to sink or swim, and the water is deep. How can we support a new manager as they start their role so they don’t drown? In the August edition of Training Journal Paul Matthews fits a pair of stabilisers to the wobbly bike of novice management. Getting a new manager

August 18, 2013

Manage your people, not your numbers

Conventional business thinking is that numbers are all important. As a result, many managers spend a great deal of time looking at the numbers, arranging them in different ways with spreadsheets, putting numbers into graphs, creating reports for their boss, and talking about them. They talk about where the numbers are and where they ought

August 15, 2013

Information Security – I won’t read that…

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Why did that headline cause you to think “Oh! no” or perhaps “Oh! not again” or worse “I won’t read that”? Those reactions, and many more along the same lines, are similar to those your staff feel when they are told they have a security briefing, lecture, online course or whatever to complete. Why is that? Is it that information is irrelevant to us? A multitude of surveys tell us otherwise – we all value our information. So do we not care about its security? Public reaction to the events of the last few years ranging from the loss of HMRC disks through to hacking of private phone messages again suggest otherwise.

August 11, 2013

Ever been caught with your pants down?

The origin of this expression is thought to refer to when the Roman Emperor Caracalla was killed about 200BC. History has it that while he was on a journey his armed escort gave him privacy to relieve himself next to the road. Julius Martailis, who had a grudge against Caracalla, took advantage of the opportunity

August 4, 2013

Life in the rear-view mirror

"Knowledge of what is and what has been doesn't tell what's got to be." Albert Einstein. Do you live your life looking in the rear-view mirror? How much do you think about the past? How do you limit yourself today because of what stopped you yesterday? You are different now – older, wiser and with