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June 30, 2013

What turns you on?

Would you rather be turned on... or turned off? Would you rather be alive... or dead? Alive is engaged, motivated, keen, active and happy to be doing something meaningful and worthwhile. Bright eyed and bushy tailed. Dead is disengaged, complaining and doing the minimum. What about your team, your colleagues, your friends and the people

June 27, 2013

Google reader demise

You have probably already read about Google Reader being switched off on Sunday 30th June, so if you use it for your RSS feeds and have already made alternative arrangements, you can ignore this. If you receive my weekly management tips via RSS using Google Reader you will loose the feed together with all your

June 23, 2013

Did you earn your pay today?

Don't confuse effort with results. Just because someone's car is in the car park the longest, does not mean they are producing the best results. And this also applies to you. So you had a long day at work today? Sorry; that doesn't count. What did you actually achieve? That counts. Unless you are being

June 16, 2013

Taking the brakes off productivity

To get something to go faster you can either push it harder, or remove whatever is slowing it down. In a work context it is often easier to deal with whatever is stopping or restraining progress, and yet so often we try to improve productivity by doing things with more effort and for longer. So

June 13, 2013

Social media did not create social learning

I have been fascinated by the number of articles and blog posts I see which seem to equate social learning with social media. There are many who seem to think that social learning didn’t exist before Twitter. Of course it did. It has been a predominant form of learning for the human species since we

June 9, 2013

Never try to teach a pig to sing

"Never try to teach a pig to sing. It wastes your time and annoys the pig." (probably Mark Twain) We function better when we are doing things that are in alignment with who we are, and when we are being our authentic self. We feel good. People seldom get good at things that don't feel

June 2, 2013

If not now, then when?

Have you ever caught yourself saying, 'Not now'. Isn't it interesting how 'Not now' often turns into never! The next time you catch yourself saying 'Not now', what does it really mean? 1. Not ready? There are genuinely other things that need doing first? 2. Not a high enough priority? So which task on your