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July 30, 2012

The first step to increasing performance

Most people would like to get better at something they do. The first step to the next level of performance is usually gained by addressing what you have been avoiding. So what are you avoiding that means you don't get the results you want? What barrier seems to be in the way that means you

July 22, 2012

Is your fire still alive?

Remember your very first day at work? You were probably excited. You wanted to succeed. Are you still excited about work today? If not, and that applies to most of us, what happened? Was the disengagement gradual, or the result of a specific event? If you subsequently became re-engaged, if the fire came back and

July 15, 2012

Like it or not, you are a message

What you say or do, or don't say or do is noticed. You are 'on show' all the time. This is particularly true if you are a manager. People notice what you say or do, and then make sense of it. They extract meaning from what they observe. They then talk with colleagues and swap

July 13, 2012

TJ Feature article: Leadership and learning

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The interdependence of leadership, engagement and learning There could be a good reason for your leadership development programmes not quite getting the results you had hoped for. And the good news is, if it is due to the reason Paul Matthews explains in Training Journal’s July cover story, it can be fixed. The cry goes

July 12, 2012

News: Alchemy for Managers topic news

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Alchemy for Managers has been updated Social Media for Managers addresses the issues of balancing business and personal use of social media in the workplace. Your physical state has a huge impact on your job performance. Health Habits explains how the longest-lasting, top performers in business make time to have the best health. Diversity and

July 8, 2012

Frustration to fascination

Frustration can be an occupational hazard these days. With everything so busy, anything that holds you up or does not quite go as planned can be a source of frustration. Meetings, colleagues, procedures, rules, traffic; what is your favourite? But if you take a step back, you can see that it is an attitude thing.

July 1, 2012

All I can do now, is all I can do now

Acceptance of an overfull to-do list is the fist step in handling it. Railing against it won't help, and just leads to feeling bad about life, and about the circumstances and people who you think put all that stuff on your list. So take a deep breath, and relax into being OK with your to-do