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January 29, 2012

What if you don’t have the Talking Stick?

I was reminded this week of the Talking Stick that was used by North American tribes to confirm the person who had the right to speak. What is interesting to me, is that by implication, it also confirmed the role of everyone else as listeners. In many ways, those who were not holding the stick

January 23, 2012

The beliefs behind stress

We always extract meaning from every experience. Then, according to the meaning we create, we label the experience as good, bad or indifferent. Notice that the experience in and of itself is not good or bad until we decide which it is for us. You may have heard this quote from Shakespeare's Hamlet; "there is

January 22, 2012

TJ Feature article: Can you learn soft skills from e-learning?

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There is no simple answer and, indeed, it may even be the wrong question The anwer is yes, and no, and maybe, and it depends. In an article for Training Journal magazine, Paul Matthews recommends shifting the focus from the soft skills themselves to the performance they can improve. If you mean to learn about

January 19, 2012

News: People Alchemy at Learning and Skills Exhibition 2012

Fully mobile Alchemy for Managers includes enhanced reporting / People Alchemy Ltd Stand 258 People Alchemy will be showcasing the latest addition to Alchemy for Managers at this year’s learning and skills exhibition at Olympia on 25th and 26th January – a web edition optimised for smartphones and tablets. This new edition – launched in

January 15, 2012

The unseen problem that has a solution

It affects one in ten people, so you are sure to know someone who is affected, or it may even be you. I was reminded of this last week when a friend of mine said he was really struggling to keep up at work. He has dyslexia, and he finds trouble with reading and writing;

January 8, 2012

A New Year resolution success tip

So many people make New Year resolutions. So many fail to carry them out. Why? Think of a goal you have. Maybe a New Year resolution, or it may be a target you need to meet at work, or any other goal you are setting out to achieve. As you think of the goal, notice