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November 27, 2011

But that’s obvious!

One of the biggest mistakes in our communication is thinking that since it's obvious to me, it should be obvious to everyone. We need to continually remind ourselves that everyone filters what they hear based on their own past experiences and the mindset that has created these filters. The only way you can determine how

November 21, 2011

Occupational Health Practitioners article: Alchemy for Managers – a member benefit well worth accessing

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Occupational Health Practitioners tap into Alchemy People Alchemy and the Association of Occupational Health Nurse Practitioners (UK) earlier this year agreed to make Alchemy for Managers available to their members. In OH Today September/October 2011 Barbara Whitby-Smith encourages fellow members to ‘take up this generous offer as it is a veritable treasure trove of helpful

November 20, 2011

How to do more in less time

Personal productivity is more about rythym than perpetual motion. Our efficiency goes in cycles during the day. Our abilities change during the day. When are you most creative? When can you handle numbers most easily? When are you best for physical work? When are you best negotiating or meeting people? When can you most easily

November 14, 2011

Relax instantly. This is how to do it.

Someone asked me the other day... What is a quick tool to de-stress? The best one I know is to use your peripheral vision. Let me explain. Peripheral vision is that area of vision that is outside the centre of the visual field. It is very good at detecting motion. We have all had the

November 6, 2011

Using magnets on your team

Do you remember playing around with magnets and iron filings? You place the iron filings on a piece of paper and then move the magnet under the paper. All the filings line up in the magnetic field. If you move the magnet, the filings move, keeping pace with the magnet which is invisible under the

November 5, 2011

How assertive are you?

Guest author: Melanie Greene What is assertiveness? I always find it interesting discussing the topic of assertiveness in organisations as people often mistakenly label people or behaviour as assertive, when what they are actually describing is aggressive behaviour. I usually describe assertive behaviour on my Managing Challenging Interactions workshops as including some or all of