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September 25, 2011

How to be assertive

Assertiveness is not about getting your way at the expense of others. Assertiveness is about standing up for your rights without violating the rights of others, and without feeling bad about doing so. Where do you start? Here are the three basic and essential steps... 1. Listen and show understanding 2. Say what you mean,

September 21, 2011

News: Alchemy author, Liggy Webb, publishes a new book

Many of the expert contributors to Alchemy are published authors and we are proud of their success. Liggy Webb has just published another book Thank you - your guide to appreciating life which is due for release in November. Research has indicated that people who practice gratitude on a daily basis are capable of being

September 18, 2011

Things charismatic people believe

There are different 'ingredients' to charisma but underpinning them all are the beliefs you adhere to as you live your life. Your mind-set, which is made up of your beliefs and assumptions, makes you who you are. So what do charismatic people tend to believe that contributes to their charisma? Here's one... "Holding a clear

September 11, 2011

The doorway to understanding

Do you listen in order to understand? Or do you simply listen in order to reply? Do you even realise how you listen? Think back to a recent conversation. How were you listening? Did you interrupt or wait impatiently for your chance to speak? How much of your attention was on the person speaking? Do

September 7, 2011

70:20:10 misunderstanding

I read a recent paper on informal learning and social media tools. It was disappointing to see in the first paragraph the common misunderstanding of 70:20:10. This is NOT a recipe for success and saying that 70% of organisational learning “should” be informal is just plain wrong. The ratio arose out of several studies as

September 4, 2011

Four powerful coaching questions

You will have heard by now how important coaching is as a management skill. Truly excellent managers are good coaches. Here is a very simple and easy four question coaching model you can use. 1. What's now? (brings out the current situation) 2. What's possible? (or, what is the best possible outcome in an ideal