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March 27, 2011

How to get your ducks in a row

I have been working on a project recently and suddenly realised that I was making a classic mistake. I was waiting until I had everything "ready" before starting. When you see a mother duck waddling along purposefully, the ducklings are often lined up behind her. Stop for a moment and think how this happens. Does

March 20, 2011

Manager as mediator

Disputes happen at work. Then what? The dispute could be a serious one between an employee and the company, or a spat between two employees over rosters or a prized parking space. In any case, as a manager, you are involved and may be called on to mediate a solution. Note that when mediating, you

March 13, 2011

A breakthrough thought

A breakthrough, a change, a solution, or an insight comes as the result of a new thought. That’s all it is... a new thought. Thoughts arise and change all the time, so the possibility of a new thought about an old situation is natural and ever present. But the most unlikely place to find a

March 6, 2011

How to become an expert

A great way to grow faster is to be around people who are smarter than you in your chosen area of growth. Hang around people who have thought a lot about the subject, have come up with new ideas, have ‘lived it’. So take this as an action. Think about what area of skill or

March 2, 2011

Communication – crossed wires?

Communication: Do you ever get your wires crossed? Why do communication breakdowns happen? Communication breakdowns and crossed wires can happen even in the simplest of conversations, let alone where you have to discuss something contentious or give some negative feedback to someone. There are many reasons why communication can break down in the workplace or