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November 27, 2010

What to ask yourself afterwards

One of the core skills in self improvement is the ability to learn from your experience. When you learn from your experience, you can change how you do things, and get better results next time. So what do you ask yourself? Stop, reflect, and answer these three questions... 1. What did I want to happen?

November 22, 2010

Defining a problem so you can solve it

The problems pile up and soak up your time. They glare at you from your to-do list and you're not quite sure of the next step. It is this: define the problem. Stand back from it (because often we don't) and... 1. Decide what the problem is, and what it is not. 2. Define where

November 14, 2010

Where does my time go?

You haven't stopped all day. The day is done, but not that job you wanted to do today. Sound familiar? What happened? One solution is understanding that personal productivity is more about rythym than perpetual motion. Our efficiency goes in cycles during the day. Our abilities change during the day. So work to your strengths.

November 7, 2010

Your ego affects how people trust you

Your ego can get in the way. You could think of your ego as your self-orientation. If this is too high, you can seem to be only out for your own ends at the expense of others. I win, you lose. I am sure you know people like this. If your self-orientation is too low,