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October 31, 2010

The brighter choice of happiness

A vibrant, exciting life is something we can choose to create. From the moment we awake in the morning, we can think that something wonderful is about to happen that day, or drag ourselves through it in a dull, grey fog, hoping nothing goes wrong.

October 29, 2010

Video: Informal learning conference presentation

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Video of Paul Matthews, Founder of People Alchemy speaking in October 2010 at the DPG plc Professional Development Conference. Informal learning is the powerhouse of all learning, and you ignore it at your peril. But as soon as you try to control it and manage it, you endanger the very thing that makes it so

October 24, 2010

The far reaching power of the manager

As a manager, you have great power. By that I mean, the quality of the lives of the people you manage will be affected by your words and deeds; and not just at work, because we all know that what happens at work reverberates into our personal lives as well. Think of your manager, and

October 16, 2010

Cat and dog thinking – which are you?

An amusing and memorable metaphor to help clarify two basic types of human behavioural programming is Cats versus Dogs. Oddly enough, the natural characteristics of these two household pets can be both a descriptive and an accurate way of illustrating human behaviour. Think about the classic stereotypes of a typical household cat and dog. The

October 3, 2010

Turning management on its head

I was reminded this week of a way to look at management from a new perspective. Think of management as a service you provide to the people on your team so they can get on and do the work. There are many things you provide to them, from administration to leadership, and all of it