Onboard new starters quickly and effectively with a 70:20:10 approach, and ensure their managers are engaged fully in the process.



Support effective transfer of new skills and knowledge from training into new behaviours in the workplace with our Learning Transfer Platform (LTP).



Record the Off-the-Job hours, prepare an ePortfolio for the EPA, manage reviews and lots more. Save admin time and keep track of everything.



Speed up time to proficiency for new and middle managers with an off-the-shelf learning pathway, or customise your own learning journey.



People learn by doing, so our workflow tool focuses on delivering activities, not just content, and then ensures line manager involvement.



Provide the information your people need to do their jobs, right when they need it with the Assistant online performance support toolkit.



No more juggling lots of paperwork, emails and folders for CMI, CIPD and other qualifications. Portfolio, assessment and verification, all together.



Assess and develop an individual for future promotion. Find your stars who are ready for promotion, and those who are not.


“Learning and development has arrived at a fork in the road. Down one fork, L&D will continue to take orders for training, coaching and e-learning. Down the other fork, you will step onto the road less travelled, and you will gain new skills that enable you to become a trusted partner whose input delivers high performing people.

Which road will you take?”

Paul Matthews, Founder and Managing Director

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